Wednesday, 8 January 2014


Sudha Raje wrote a new note:
Sudha Raje
Sudha Raje
I am very happy that I feel
my existence.In my 'I ' I can
feel the whole cosmos. From
the stage of a slithering
infant to the age of a self -
dependent adult I finally
came to the realization that
what I saw, heard, read or
understood ; there was no
need for all that. because the
insatiable thirst of knowledge
finally draws him to such a
stage that he is finally
envious of the stage where
he was unable because
though wisdom tells the
causes of pleasure or angst
but is unable to terminate
them. no one had seen god
but heard the tales about
him which were made by the
fellow creatures of his own
race and the insatiable thirst
for the knowledge of
supernatural brings the same
conditions where at the point
the vat ocean still remains
salty even after drinking the
whole length of rivers to the
point of aridness when the
cycle starts again. Wisdom
brings nothing but pain,
desperation, helplessness
and abduction to the point
that a person even sees
himself as alien. and this
endless misery abd curse is
bore by the one who put up
a WHY in tgw start©®sudha
oh oh oh this pain of
Jan 20, 2013
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