Sunday, 27 July 2014

sudha raje's thought- keep yourself in other's stance

whenever we talk of justice we think of the big or small offences
committed against us; and we remember the hurts which those offences
had caused us.
but do we ever remember those small crimes which we had committed
against the others ???
the first time you slapped an innocent child , because he was asking
for small part of your time ;
when you broke your promise to a family member ;
when you said hurtful things to your inferiors;
when you broke the trust of a friend;
when you didn't use the chance that your life had provided you and
make the optimum use of it ;
when you failed to perform a duty that was assigned to you;
I am sure you will find quite a number of such situations regarding
your circumstances !!
When we see and realize the crimes committed by us, the offences which
the others commit against us start being nothing but small trifles...
©®sudha raje

Sudha Raje
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